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Centralized Report Catalog

Clerida centralizes the report catalog where every report developed is documented and tracked through out their lifecycle. The catalog also records other meta information including ownership, access, change history and definition. Benefits of having a centralized catalog
  • Improved Operational Efficiency
  • Better Audit compliance
  • Complete Master & Meta Data Management

Improved Data Control

Clerida captures data from critical systems including CORE banking system which ensures that historical data is not lost and provide banks with a dynamic repository where they have full control over their data. Benefits of having improved data control
  • Derive Strategic and Operational insights
  • Leverage AI/ML for complex decision
  • Reduce data debt

Automated Digital Reporting

Clerida comes prebuilt with canned report that are customizable to meet most of the banks reporting requirements. These include financials, call report, data for 10K, 10Q, Officer performance and relationship report, compliance report and other operational and Strategic reports. All reports have the ability to drill down to the raw data for complete transparency and are access controlled by roles and responsibilities. Benefits of digitally delivering reports
  • Complete transparency to underlying data
  • Access compliance
  • Ability to customize existing and new reports

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